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Data: Novembre 2012
Autori: Sardarch. Francesco Cocco, Nicolò Fenu, Matteo Lecis Cocco-Ortu
Editore: Infolio

STAMPAXI – Intrusioni artistiche a Stampace alto

Stampaxi is based on the principle that architects, engineers and planners cannot decide a priori how the inhabitants of a district have to move or meet, but that residents can help  professionals understand how they would like to enjoy the space they have. STAMPAXI + starts with the project STAMPAXI WALL (January-June 2010) with the aim to give an urban and social role to the void of Fara street. By involving the residents, Stampaxi Wall proposed different potential scenarios for the part of the abandoned neighborhood. The project’s conclusion was a billboard which communicated  to the city the need to have accessible public spaces.

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